A downloadable game for Windows


Once upon a time, in a forest, two tribes of Gonz coexisted. You incarnate a bored entity who was passing by and who decided to play with their peaceful lives.

Drop them weapons! Make them explode! Choose how they'll die! YOU are their almighty god.

No limit or objective! Gonz is a sandbox! Free your sadism!


NOWACKI Clément - 3D Artist
BEN EMBARECK Sofiane - 3D Artist
POPELIN Vincent - Game Designer
LIAUZUN Julien - Programmer

Install instructions

  1. Download the latest version of GONZ
  2. extract it
  3. Lauch the .exe
  4. Have fun!


GONZ 0.1 43 MB


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Here is a little video, this was actually so fun!

Very short game, but I enjoyed it:)

As long as you enjoyed it, we're proud of our work! Thank you for playing and for the video! :D


Did a lil' video on your game! Hope you like it, I liked the game! Really cool little game <3


Oh god! We didn't see that! Thank you for playing! :D